Sunday’s Hackathon

After you spent all day Saturday learning new techniques and technologies, it’s good to have a day to put some of that knowledge to work before it slips out of your head forever. So on Sunday, join us for an all day hackathon taking place in our lab. There will be food, hacking and prizes, along with some great company and lots of fun.

If you did not attend Saturday, that’s okay. You’re still welcome to come out and take a stab at winning some prizes.

We have some amazing lab partners that will returning on Saturday to answer your questions, insuring you fully understand the technology your are hacking on. These partners are:

A Riak cluster is masterless, automatically redistributes data when you scale, and keeps data available when physical machines fail. It stores data as key/value pairs, has a simple operational model, and comes with an HTTP API and many client libraries.

To learn more about their technologies follow this link.

Build software better, together. Powerful collaboration, review, and code management for open source and private development projects.

To learn more about using GitHub follow this link.

MailChimp helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It’s like your own personal publishing platform.

To learn more about using MailChimp follow this link.

Navigate dozens of APIs, including ESPN, TMS, USA TODAY,, and more with a single sign-in using the Mashery API Explorer. Hacks built using any API listed in our API Explorer will be eligible for our Mashery prize of (up to) 3 Apple TVs! Get started building:

Mediacurrent helps organizations architect custom websites by leveraging our proven processes and deep expertise in Drupal. We are home to an elite team of Drupal developers, who have a proven track record of building amazing websites.

MediaCurrent is a local lab partner who is the to help answer questions about Drupal and PHP. To learn more about them, follow this link.

The goal of Wilder Minds is to bring together the best people to help your company get up to speed fast with the technology. Whether that means instructors, coaches or developers; we’re focused on providing the best-of-breed technologists to achieve your business goals.

WilderMinds is our local lab partner who is coming out to answer questions about C# development and other C# specifics. To learn more about them, follow this link.


CoderFaire has a prizes for the winners for the hackathon and a number of vendors are also bringing prizes themselves for the best app built using their technologies. Some of the prizes include:

- 1 of 4 JetBrains licenses to be used for any product you choose.
- Mashery will be bringing AppleTv’s.

Sunday Schedule (Hackathon)

8:00 – 8:30 Registration
8:30 – 9:00 Hackathon Kickoff
11:30 – 12:30 Lunch
16:00 – 17:00 Presentations and Awards

Schedule subject to change without notice.


Welcome to the Lab

One of the exciting parts of Coderfaire Atlanta is the Lab.  Some conferences have an expo hall where sponsors setup booths and wait for developers to come by and notice them. No one likes this. Other conferences give sponsors a ticket and say “show up and talk to people”. The problem with this is that developers don’t know where to go when they want to talk to a sponsor, thank them for their participation, or get help with their product.

At CoderFaire, we decided to do something different; we created the CoderFaire Lab. Certain sponsors have opted to be “CoderFaire Lab Partners”. Lab Partners have their own space in the CoderFaire Lab where developers can go and talk to them. These spaces aren’t booths, they are conversation areas. If you want to talk about their product, they can pull out a laptop and show you. If you want to ask technical questions about their product, feel free to; all CoderFaire Lab partners are developers first and foremost. If you are having a problem using a lab partner’s product, bring your laptop, sit down at the table and show them.

The CoderFaire Lab is not a marketplace, Lab partners won’t have running marketing demos, a booth, or any of the normal trappings of an expo hall. They will have developers there, ready to talk to you and help you with their product.

The CoderFaire Lab is also a place for you to relax. Since there is no selling allowed and no “badge scanning” by the vendors, you can feel comfortable in just going, grabbing a softdrink and a chair at one of the unused tables. Unwind a bit, handle that pressing problem at work, or just digest what you learned in the last session. Whatever you need to do, if you need a place to just sit down, the CoderFaire Lab is that place.

Make sure that when you are planning your Conference Day at CoderFaire Atlanta, you make time to visit the CoderFaire Lab. Thank the sponsors for making the event possible, or just catch up with other developers.

So far our lab partners are:
▪ Basho
▪ GitHub
▪ MailChimp
▪ Mashery
▪ MediaCurrent

Meet New Relic

new-relicWe want to welcome New Relic to the CoderFaire Atlanta sponsor list. New Relic helps developers – both web and mobile – track their application’s performance. If you manage a website or a mobile app, you can now find out not only what people are doing but how fast they are able to do it. You can find performance bottlenecks in your system and fix them before they become a serious problem for you.

Join us in welcoming New Relic to CoderFaire Atlanta!

Introducing our keynote speaker

Introducing Mr. Ben Ramsey

ben_smallMany of you probably already know Ben. He used to be an active part of the Atlanta tech scene. He is now based in Nashville TN. Ben helps us bridge the technology communities between these two Southern Belle cities. We are excited that Ben has agreed to come home to Atlanta and present the keynote talk for CoderFaire Atlanta.

Ben’s topic will be:
Developing Intuition:How to Think Like a Software Architect

It’s one thing to program software. It’s another thing to design it. Software architects find themselves at the intersection of these points, sifting through business requirements, system constraints, and team expertise to design and deliver high quality software. While many software design concepts such as patterns come into play, the hard parts are the things we can’t learn in classes or books: designing for the problem domain.

As a result, software architecture is both a scientific discipline and an art. It often requires you to reach beyond knowledge of patterns and practices, relying on your own intuition to design a solution. In this talk, Ben Ramsey explains how intuition plays a crucial role in his own approach to designing software. He gives practical pointers on how to tap into intuition as part of your software design process and how to combine it with rational thinking to be a better software designer.

PhotoCredit: Lachlan Hardy

Meet the Chimp

MailChimpFor those of you living under a rock for the past few years, we would like to introduce you to our friends at MailChimp. For everyone else who already knows of this great company, we want to ask you to welcome them to CoderFaire Atlanta.

MailChimp helps companies around the world design and deliver email messages. From the simple management of mailing lists to transactional emails, MailChimp gives you the tools you need to stay in touch with your customers.

MailChimp will have a presence in the CoderFaire Atlanta lab and they are buying the drinks at the After party.

Join MailChimp at CoderFaire Atlanta. Get your ticket today. Be a part of 2 days of learning and networking, and one fantastic event.

The Schedule is posted!

The schedule of talks is now posted! Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal. We’re excited to have had so many great talk submissions and are sorry we couldn’t accept everyone. We think the lineup is terrific and it includes presentations on PHP, Javascript, Ruby, databases, mobile development, security practices, and even hardware hacking, to name a few. Don’t forget there will be an after-party following the presentations! Bring your ideas and pet projects for the hackathon (with prizes!) on Sunday, too. Register now – see you in April!

Announcing CoderFaire Atlanta ’13

CoderFaire Atlanta is a two day event just for Atlanta web developers; giving you the opportunity to spend two days connecting with developers, learning new stuff, and creating things.

Regardless of your chosen technology, we will have sessions to spark your creativity, and teach you something new. You will hear about new technologies and learn new techniques as you listen to local speakers talk about how they are creating cool things here in Atlanta.

When you find you need a break, kick back in the lab and connect with a CoderFaire Atlanta Lab Partner or other attendees. We’ll have drinks and coffee aplenty to lubricate the conversations.

One ticket gives you access to all the sessions as well as the CodeFaire Lab. Lunch will be provided for all attendees on the first day; and every attendee will go home with that most coveted of all possessions, a conference T-Shirt.

Wait though, we aren’t done!

Day 1 is all about inspiration. Day 2 however, is all about application. We want you to channel all of your inspiration into building something great. Build a better mousetrap, a clever hack, or that project that has been sitting on your whiteboard for a while. Don’t lose the momentum from Day 1! Come back and build something awesome. We’ll even have a contest with prizes awarded by a panel of judges in categories like:

  • Most audacious idea
  • Best UI effort by a developer
  • Cleverest hack

The competition will be friendly and the prizes will be fun. The knowledge you gain and the connections you make are the real prizes; in that category, everyone wins.

When: April 20th-21th, 2013
How Much: $50
Where: The Loudermilk Center

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Don’t miss out on CoderFaire Atlanta ’13. Two great days, one fantastic event.